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Tabita Skincare.

Regular Set.

:: Ada Facial Soap (cleanser - 100ml), Smooth Lotion (toner - 10ml), Day Cream & Night Cream (15g each) = RM270 ::

Exclusive Set 

:: Facial Soap (cleanser - 100ml), Smooth Lotion (toner - 100ml), Day Cream & Night Cream (20g each) = RM300 ::

Trial Set Kecil (repack by AHR Beauty)

:: Facial Soap (cleanser - 30ml), Smooth Lotion (toner - 30ml), Day Cream & Night Cream (8g each) = RM130. Tahan 3-4 weeks. ::

Trial Set Besar

:: Facial Soap (cleanser - 50ml), Smooth Lotion (toner - 30ml), day cream & night cream - (12.5g) = RM170. Tahan 1 1/2 bulan ::

Postage charge :-

Free postage

- untuk 1 alamat sahaja. if beli banyak set. alamat lain2, postage charge akan diberitahu.


- I deliver to the name, address, phone number that u provide me. So please double check before u send me your details.
- I can deliver to your work place, please note that the parcel can be left after being signed for at reception desk, tapi i will not hold the responsibility if it does not reach the recipients.
- All items are in perfect condition. I will not hold any responsibility for damage of items during delivery.
- Deliveries are made via poslaju. Usually akan sampai 1-2 hari depends kat area mana. If Sabah & Sarawak may take longer.
- U can track your parcel HERE.
- Once i dah post the tracking code, i will not hold any responsibility if the parcel didn't reach u. It's between u and poslaju. But u can email me to reconfirm the tracking code. I can send u gambar salinan borang poslaju tu.

Macam mana nak beli?
  • whatsapp/sms : 012-2758575

 :: Ready stock available unless stated otherwise ::

:: postage setiap hari isnin-khamis. payment sebelum pukul 2pm akan post pada hari yang sama ::

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